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Academic Excellence 


Our Academic Excellence priority area provides academic enrichment activities utilizing scope and sequence to Common Core Performance Standards in connection with the College and Career Readiness Performance Index (CCRPI) expectations.


S.T.R.I.V.E (Skilled, Talented, Responsible, Intellectual, Versatile, Evolving) Enrichment Program 


Pillars: Review, Remediate, Enrich



  • Engage students in innovative learning opportunities that extend from traditional expectations into non-traditional hands on learning that are applicable to potential future life and career expectations.

  • Increase knowledge, attitude, and instructional practices, necessary to develop a sense of relationship between career awareness, academics, and personal interests. 

  • Obtain academic enrichment that meets the Common Core Standards.


Passport to Excellence College and Career Readiness Program


Pillars: Preparation of Path, Exploration of Destination and Financial Literacy



  • Cater to the specific creativity of each individual and strategically match it to their future opportunities, along the path of development.

  • Introduce students to the expectation of salary ranges and basic job function of five career options, minimum.

  • Engage students and parents to make connections, articulate, develop long and short term goal setting.




Voice to the Voiceless Debate Program


Pillars: Critical Thinking Skills, Logic and Reasoning, Oratorical Skills



  • Increase children’s self-confidence and self-esteems, helping them to make their own judgments and expressing them effectively.

  • Create an organized platform whereby students can display to their peers and parents, the tools they have learned through debate. 

  • Increase literacy scores, grade- point averages, attendance rates, and high school graduation rates




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