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Character Development


Our Character Development priority area is to develop in students the attitudes, habits, and instincts, toward doing what is right and will increase students’ ethical behavior, enhance their commitment to education, and reduce their rate of delinquency.


Me, Myself and I Plus Others Social-Emotional Learning Program


Pillars: Self-regulation, Empathy, Emotion management, Problem-solving skills



  • Recognize the concepts of empathy and develop empathetic relationships.

  • Demonstrate impulse control skills such as thinking before responding, projection, and anticipation of cause and effect outcomes.

  • Reinforce positive, pro social behavior, so that our students get the most out of society.


Character Counts Program


Pillars: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Citizenship



  • Increase children’s ethical behavior by affording children the chances to develop exceptional character and attitudes.

  • Enhance their commitment to education by predispositions toward doing what is right.

  • Reduce their rate of delinquency by fostering acceptable and unacceptable habits and instincts.


Young Ladies’ Diamonds and Pearls All Girls Academy


Pillars: Leadership, Stress Management, Impulse Control, Positive Self-Image, Etiquette  



  • Develop the necessary tools, in the girls, to identify with and establish positive peer, family and workplace relationships.

  • Provide the necessary skills on how to identify your emotions, how to manage them, and ways constructively express them.

  • Contribute to the good of one’s school, family, community, and environment.


Passport 2 Success All Boys Academy  


Pillars: Self Regulator, Empathizer, Emotion Manager, Problem Solver, Leadership



  • Allow students to become engaged learners and effectively resolve conflict.

  • Develop positive self-esteem and confidence within themselves and their abilities.

  • Provide leadership skills within the students, to develop personal responsibility and commitment to the larger community. 

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