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Live Free is a program specifically designed for middle and high school girls focusing on mentoring, social responsibility, empowerment, self-love, and community service. The mission of Live Free is to provide a place where girls can escape from societal ideologies, pressures, and unrealistic facades of who and what they should become. Live Free encourages students to come as they are and be accepting of not only their flaws, but the flaws of others.
This all girls program is a means of reaching out to teenage girls struggling with life’s hardships.  Hardships that I have become quite familiar with after surviving a car accident that killed both of my parents and younger brother.  I want to show girls that falling down is a part of life, but the key is getting up after the fall!  It’s unrealistic to think that life will be without struggle. Struggle is good. With struggles come success.”




Nicole Mallett


Director and Founder of Live Free

a program of Cambridge Heights Academy




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Girl Talk

By Nicole Mallett

My story: On Dec. 27 myself along with my father, mother, brother and our dog were headed back home to Atlanta Georgia after a trip to Hartford, Conn., when tragedy struck while we were on a stretch of the New Jersey Turnpike. A tractor-trailer rear-ended our Toyota Camry, leaving our car like crushed metal. That accident claimed the lives of my father, mother, 13 year old brother and our dog.  I was treated for minor injuries at a New Jersey hospital and then released. Last year was the toughest year of my life as freshman at Georgia Southern University, never in a million years I thought I'd be attending the funeral of my little brother and parents...


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My Testimony: I'm still standing. Everyone goes through problems and challenges in life, for me it was losing my parents and brother in a car accident, but I refuse to stay in a place of sadness, and feelings of insecurity. What keeps me going every day is knowing that I have a greater purpose in life and that purpose is helping teenagers overcome advertises in their lives, and to encourage them to never give up.  I'm living free so that others too can "Live Free"   



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