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The mission of Fort Valley Youth Center of Excellence (FVYCE)  is to develop responsible, resilient school-age students. We seek to develop and prepare students, educationally, socially, and intellectually to reach their highest potential. 

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Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide quality, comprehensive programs that helps students become engaged learners in and out of the classroom, positive risk takers and positive role models for their peers. Our community- based programs provide support, and assist students in acquiring self- confidence in their academic, behavioral and social emotional abilities, allowing them to realize a more positive inclusion in their school community and the local community at large. 

Core Programs

Fort valley Youth Center of Excellence is a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization is designed to strengthen the lives of students who are in elementary, middle, and high school. Our program focuses on five priority areas, inclusive of academic excellence, character development, etiquette, health, and physical wellness and STEM.  Our environment allows students to become engaged learners and provides them with the skills to become positive risk-takers. Most importantly, the culture of our program helps students to be supported academically, acquire confidence in themselves and their abilities, learn healthy and virtuous habits, and develop a sense of personal responsibility and a commitment to the larger community. 

Partners In Education

Collaborative partnerships are a core value to the success and sustainability of Fort Valley Youth Center of Excellence. We strive to support children and teens and foster growth within the communities that we serve.  Community partnerships are at the centrality of our approach.



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